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The Tesco Clubcard Credit Card doesn't just give you a great low rate.. We've made it easy to pay your credit card bill: Direct Debit, On-line,.

Tesco Clubcard Credit Card | Ways to Pay

We've made it easy to pay your credit card bill: Direct Debit, On-line,.
... be made payable to Tesco Personal Finance plc; Write your Tesco Credit Card.

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  • Avatar Sunshine lollipops O% purchases for credit card...?
    Jun 29, 2011 by Sunshine lollipops | Posted in Credit

    I am thinking of getting this tesco credit card - The Tesco* Clubcard Credit Card gives 0% for 15 months on new purchases. 1. Do the purchases work for anything bought with it like in other store , online ...or does it n … 15months..after 15months then i need to pay it off fully? do i have to pay off some every month even when it says 0% for 15 months..i thought after 15months they would charge me interest if i didnt and in future ones...

    • The 0% interest applies as long as you pay off your balance every month. If you miss a payment or don't pay it off in full every month they will start charging you interest. You should just get a regular credit card (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) instead of a store card. You will be able to use it just about anywhere and you can get rewards such as airline miles or gift cards.

  • Avatar Tesco online question please answer?
    Nov 31, 2011 by | Posted in Yahoo! Answers

    Hi when you do shopping with tesco online do you need a credit or debit card or can you just pay on delivery

    • You need to give them your payment details online because they wont deleiver to you if you dont pay.

  • Avatar peptroy When i do a search on yahoo my screens changed?
    Apr 10, 2012 by peptroy | Posted in Problems with Service

    If i for example want to do shopping & key in 'tesco' , instead of listing everything together like it should, its giving me this format for some reason in great big letters, Yahoo! Web Search •Hi, peptroy •Sign Out •Hel …d265 - Cached Tesco-uk Store Vacancies Jobs, vacancies, recruitment ... 12 hours ago 547 Tesco-uk Store Vacancies Job vacancies available on Indeed.co.uk. one search. all jobs. can anyone tell me how to get it back pls.

    • Too long and rambling

  • Avatar jim.spenc. Online tesco shopping mastercard/visa security password?
    Jun 20, 2007 by jim.spenc. | Posted in Credit

    I tried paying for my shopping on tesco.com with my switch debit card, but it says that I have to have a password, but this applies only to visa/mastercard. What can I do to fix this? It's always worked before and I don't have a credit card. Thanks

    • Although the scheme is called "verified by visa", similar schemes are being brought in by debit card providers as well. Its a relatively new scheme that been brought in to improve security. You have to enter a p …sed at all, even some of the staff at the banks that support it don't know about it! As a result its causing confusion, and people think the site is a scam and insecure, which is exactly the opposite of what was intended.