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So, I thought I would set down some thoughts since my last post.

One thing is for sure, there is a lot of information available to people who are really interested in personal finance. I just wish they would go take a look. It still amazes me how stand offish people can be when it comes to good personal finance. As discussion with work colleague have shown me, many just think debt, being ‘skint’ and living from pay check to pay check with fingers crossed each month is normal! I’m so glad I’ve had my epiphany!

I’ve been keeping up with a number of personal finance site. My favorite still has to be Get Rich Slowly. Its written for an American audience but it’s probably one the blogs that has changed my life when it comes to my own finance. I find I can usually take the principals J.D blogs about and turn them into similar actions here in the UK.

I’m going to start listing the blogs I read. I haven’t quite grasped using the blog roll on here yet . I will start posting about interesting articles more often.

What I’ve found is that there is a common theme as to what is good personal finance. It doesn’t really deviate from the steps I’ve already outlined as forming my own journey this year. The personal blogs really help put these practices in context though. My personal debt is a drop in the ocean compare to some I’ve read and its been inspiring seeing how even those swamped with what I would regard a fortune of a debt mountain have changed it around.

Source: Snail Paced Wealth

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British supermarket to create new bank

2009-08-21 06:59:40 by Candidus

For those not familiar with Tesco, it's a large UK hypermarket that carries a lot of influence. They previously entered the banking market with (now tainted) Royal Bank of Scotland though they now have plans to create a completely new bank that is not part of the ever-present bonus culture. It's only a matter of time before others do the same elsewhere though as long as the banks continue to rec...dence in Scotland's financial services industry". The banking crisis has resulted in a wave of consolidation and Darling welcomed a new, potentially strong player: "We need more competition and that's something that we intend to encourage. The last couple of years has seen a significant reduction in the number of people, both from abroad and British-based banks, who are lending into the market."

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  • Avatar Tesco Mobile customer service contact telephone number?
    Sep 18, 2011 by | Posted in Corporations

    Hello Looking for direct Tesco Mobile contact telephone number. Have problem with my phone and need call to his customer service or technical support. Thanks in advanced!

    • You can call to Tesco Mobile customer service by 0844 995 95 44 contact number. Use this telephone number for Tesco Mobile Customer Services, Monthly billing, upgrades, pay as you go, price plans, internet, technical support and all other enquiries Lines open time Monday to Friday: 8am - 9pm Saturday: 8am - 8pm Sunday: 10am - 6pm

  • Avatar Felicity Why does my new phone network ask me to keep my phone switched off while my number is being transferred?
    Aug 23, 2011 by Felicity | Posted in Mobile Phones & Plans

    I am keeping my mobile number I had with O2 and transferring it to my Tesco sim. Customer services said to keep my phone switched off during 8am -4pm while it moved but is this really necessary? Could I not just use my O2 sim until it stops working then switch over?

    • No, you're required to not use either of them as they need to be off while the deactivation/activation occurs. Things need to be reset etc.

  • Avatar Eric T Cartman Can i get a PUK code for my mobile even if i dont know my mobile number?
    Aug 12, 2009 by Eric T Cartman | Posted in Cell Phones & Plans

    I blocked my phone recently and its requesting a PUK problem is when i phone tesco directs customer service they require my mobile number and i dont know it what should i do please help best answer 5 points

    • Either look on the box, or ask someone you called or text recently to give you the number.